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 Agriculture Importance .

For decades, agriculture has been associated with production of essential food crops. At present, agriculture above and beyond farming includes forestry, dairy, fruit cultivation, poultry, bee keeping, mushroom, arbitrary, etc. Today, processing, marketing and distribution of crops and livestock products etc. are all acknowledged as part of current agriculture.Thus, agriculture could be referred to as the production, processing, promotion and distribution agricultural products. Agriculture plays a critical role in the entire life of a given economy. Agriculture is the backbone of economic system of a given country. In addition to providing food and raw material, agriculture also provides employment opportunities to very large percentage of population. Below are the importance’s of agriculture.Samratinfo- Agriculture imapct


weekend club objective nagpur

Objective -Agriculture program

  • Providing knowledge and training on “Advance Farming” techniques and methods to farmers.
  • Providing training camps on how to start a small scale Agro business along with Farming to cope with Farming failures and to prevent any future financial disasters of Farmers.
  • Senior Agriculture field related officers who are also members of this Weekend Club will help Farmers to do Demo Farming with their selected breed of seed or technique to increase the yield.
  • Awareness training programs where Expert  will be provide awareness about  Government scheme and Subsidies  for farmer.
  • To establish a concept “Adopt Farmland “ where a Farmer who is in major Financial debt and have no money to invest in Farming have a Adopter who will adopt the particular Farmland and make investment to improve the Farmland with irrigation, and other resources and then do farming in supervision of experts wherein Adopter will get a percent  benefit of the yield including his cost of investment on Term basis. This concept will benefit both the Farmer and the Adopter and will ultimately helping the Farmer preventing him from suicide.
  • To establish a small agriculture Funding organisation who will try to lend money to Farmer to start small agro business within supervision of experts.
  • Provide Agro products a platform where the Farmer can sell their products within Member group and also help in marketing of agro products.

 Agriculture Government Schemes.


Please refer the below link for Agriculture scheme -

  Loan -

Source of livelihood

The main source livelihood of many people is agriculture. Approximately 65 % of the people directly rely on agriculture as a mean of living. This high percentage in agriculture is as a result of none development of non-agricultural activities to absorb the fast growing population. However, most people in developed countries do not engage in agriculture.

 Contribution of National revenue

Agriculture is the main source of national income for most developing countries. However, for the developed countries, agriculture contributes a smaller per cent age to their national income.

 1)     Supply of Food as well as Fodder

 Agricultural sector provides fodder for domestic animals .Cow provides people with milk which is a form of prote

ctive food. Moreover, livestock also meets people’s food requirements.

 2)     Significance to the International Trade

Agricultural products like sugar, tea, rice, spices, tobacco, coffee etc. constitute the major items of exports of countries th


3)     Marketable Surplusrely on agriculture. If there is smooth development practice of agriculture, imports are reduced while export increases considerably. This helps to reduce countries unfavorable balance of payments as well as saving foreign exchange. This amount may be well used to import other essential inputs, machinery, raw-material, and other infrastructure that is helpful for the support of country’s economic development.

The growth of agricultural sector contributes to marketable surplus. Many people engage in manufacturing, mining as well as other non- agricultural sector as the nation develops. All these individuals rely on food production that they might meet from the nation’s marketable surplus. As agricultural sector development takes place, production increases and this leads to expansion of marketable surplus. This may be exported to other nations.


4)     Source of Raw Material

 The main source of raw materials to major industries such as cotton and jute fabric, sugar, tobacco, edible as well as non-edible oils is agriculture. Moreover, many other industries such as processing of fruits as well as vegetables and rice husking get their raw material mainly from agriculture.


5)     Significance in Transport

 Bulks of agricultural products are transported by railways and roadways from farm to factories. Mostly, internal trade is in agricultural products. Moreover, the revenue of the government, to a larger extent, relies on the success of agricultural sector.

 Samratinfo Nagpur agri

6)     Foreign Exchange Resources


The nation’s export trade depends largely on agricultural sector. For example, agricultural commodities such as jute, tobacco, spices, oilseeds, raw cotton, tea as well as coffee accounts for approximately 18 % of the entire value of exports of a country. This demonstrates that agriculture products also continue to be important source of earning a country foreign exchange.


7)     Great Employment Opportunities

Construction of irrigation schemes, drainage system as well as other such activities in the agricultural sector is important as it provides larger employment opportunities. Agriculture sector provides more employment opportunities to the labour force that reduce the high rate of unemployment in developing countries caused by the fast growing population.

 8)     Economic Development

 Since agriculture employs many people it contributes to economic development. As a result, the national income level as well as people’s standard of living is improved. The fast rate of development in agriculture sector offers progressive outlook as well as increased motivation for development. Hence, it aids to create good atmosphere for overall economic development of a country. Therefore, economic development relies on the agricultural growth rate.

 9)     Source of Saving

 Development in agriculture may also increase savings. The rich farmers we see today started saving particularly after green revolution. This surplus quantity may be invested further in the agriculture sector to develop the sector.

 10)  Agriculture business 

50 Most Profitable Agriculture Business Ideas

 A stable agricultural sector ensures a nation of food security. The main requirement of any country is food security. Food security prevents malnourishment that has traditionally been believed to be one of the major problems faced by the developing countries. Most countries rely on agricultural products as well as associated industries for their main source of income.


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