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Share on Social Media Club) is a mission to channelize the immense talent and integrity prevailing in the community into awareness of Education, Business New Entrepreneurship, Health support, Career Goal and our heritage ."

Our Objective -

“Come together, meet together, work together for benefit of all common people and common society" .


Weekend Club is not any individual person, it is a thought! Every thoughtful person is the owner of Weekend Club.

Our Mission:

To create an effective, vibrant and mutually beneficial network of enterprising individuals encompassing all small and large entrepreneurs, professionals, technocrats and luminaries in various fields in India and across the globe. To offer encouragement and support to budding own intellectual  engaged in various fields of economic activities. The support extended is of practical nature and effective to groom upcoming and other knowledgeable. To encourage self-employment and enterprise among fellow members and their upcoming generations and thus create a Wealthy and Prosperous Community.

Weekend club Objective

 WeekEnd Club Objective:

  • Providing Information to all subjects and team building activities.
  • Organised business, Education, Agriculture Members meet on 2nd and 4th Saturday of Every month.
  • Supporting to Educational, business, Health, Agriculture by WeekEnd Club.
  • Organising the fund for which is need learner, agriculturalist.
  • Organizing new entrepreneur and existing entrepreneur meets within and self-supporting the discussion.
  • Organizing training for development of entrepreneurship skills amongst fellow members.
  • Promoting joint endeavours amongst fellow members and various business Education and agriculture within & outside the country and sharing experience on subject.

Weekend club - Future Objective:

  1. Weekend club mission and visionBuilding our own platform where all the community people will share their community welfare, experience, achievement, social work, project growth and progress with each other.
  2. Creating our own members Marketplace where other small business person can sell& purchase the products within that marketplace.
  3.  Establishing our own Members Banking organisation where one can take a loan to start their own small business, or to take education, to help a person in need of Financial support by any means.
  4. Establish our own Charity organisation where a person in need can notify the member group for any kind of support e.g. regarding help in education requirement, help in any medical need, any agriculture related need, or any financial crisis. 
  5. The member within the group will raise fund for the those genuine requirement raise and help the person as much as possible.

The  is known as "Weekend Club" as the members of the organ is at ion meet on weekend day  to discuss mutual interests and facilitate each other in their adventures. Weekend days Club Global Trust is a Public Trust formed under Bombay Public Trust Act to help budding Maharashtrian entrepreneurs to grow and to sow the seeds of entrepreneurship in the state of Maharashtra. Our goal is to create personal, social and national wealth by assisting growth of GDP through increased professionals. Today we have a substantial base of professionals from various regions in Maharashtra etc.  aims toprovide our user with wide variety of information under one roof which is usually not available to every Layman. We are an informative Club where you can find information on different context of Life which will help you in your professional and personal development and growth.

We provide vital information on Education where poor class bright student can also study using facilities provided by government and various organisations. Business development includes different ideas on small scale business ventures. Healthcare which includes free health benefits to patients. Jobs Career in different fields. Agriculture scheme and Benefits to Farmer, Tourism to promote our culture and Heritage indirectly bring in small revenues to small businesses which survive through.

We are committed to provide precious information to our Users, our efforts extend beyond providing organizational and associates' capabilities. It will continuously seek to develop technologies and web media which will not compromise on user safety.tstanding information to those who need them. It conducts research and participates in a number of initiatives to constantly develop our sector of the industry and to contribute to society. It  is implementing a strategy to accelerate growth through innovation.

We have also focus our aim on low earning class to improve their life by social awareness. We all have responsibly for our society our fellow brothers to get better life through free medical care, government schemes and training programs. Will help people with financial breakdown with various programs run through NGO which aims to help people in need with great cause of Charity.


Becoming a Weekend clum( member gives you the opportunity to volunteer locally, or internationally. Make new friends and professional connections. Lead projects that make your community a better place to live. Have fun doing it!
Community Service, Fun and Friendship, Leadership Skills, Networking, International Service, Family Friendly, Opportunities for Young People.

 All we tried to connect the missing link of information between Person in need and Prosperity. Video Programs-

 Spandan -